Points of Unity

Capitalism/imperialism is an economic system constructed for the purpose of theft and accumulation of wealth for those in power, regardless of what it does to the rest of humanity and the planet. Its built-in drive for profit has caused measureless human misery all over the world, and is threatening the very existence of life on Earth.

Social struggles against oppression–including but not limited to patriarchy, racism, homophobia, oppression of immigrants, the ongoing theft of land and domination of indigenous people—plus the fight against imperialist wars and international domination, as well as the fight to save the planet from ecocide, are all interconnected.

We support the fight against imperialist wars and international domination, as well as the struggle of the popular masses in all dominated countries against their own dominant classes and against global capitalism, and for self-determination.


The mission of One Struggle is to participate in the construction of combative mass popular organizations and mass popular democratic movements by engaging in the struggles of these dominated classes in which we belong. We will engage in these struggles from a non-sectarian perspective. We will share information, build solidarity and coordinate activities among those involved in social justice, anti-imperialist and environmental struggles, so that we can strengthen our fight against our common enemy: the global capitalist system.

If you agree with our Points of Unity and are interested in working with or joining One Struggle, please see our following documents to get a deeper understanding of what we see as our role.

Mobilizations and Mass Movements

Toward an Anti-Capitalist/Anti-Imperialist Mass Movement: Organizing at the Intermediate Level


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